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Our First Video for 2021!

We are happy to start this year with a new video with a special arrangement of the hymn I Need Thee Every Hour. This hymn talks about our need of God every hour, and I believe that this was never truer than today! The World is getting darker and more evil by the minute, but there is a God that is willing to supply our every need and be with us in every moment, through every challenge, and He promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us!

Since we decided to follow God’s calling for music ministry back in 2015, God has been faithful to multiply the little that we've put in His hands! It hasn’t been an easy journey, but the testimonies of people that by hearing one of our songs have been encouraged in a time of difficulty and their earnest requests for us to produce more has fueled us to keep pushing on! Especially this year, when travel to share in live concerts and events is limited, we have decided to simplify some things a bit and release one video each month. We know this won’t be an easy year, but we still are passionate about bringing our hope to those that have none, so please keep me in your prayers as we move forward in facing the financial and logistical challenges of producing these videos! We've been looking for ways to make this ministry more sustainable to continue reaching more people, so we have opened a Patreon account and are looking for other ways of giving an opportunity for those who want to partner with us in bringing hope through music.

Our prayer is that we may continue being a light in everything we do!


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