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Our Story

Dear Friend,

You may wonder, what the story is behind Give Glory 2 Him Productions. It’s the story of dreams and passions that God started placing in the hearts of different people, to use their talents for eternal impact. It is a desire to create inspirational productions, giving all the glory to God. It’s a story of how God crossed our paths from around the world… but it’s a story still in writing, because it’s a call for everyone to find the greatest joy in using their talents unselfishly for uplifting humanity and to glorify God.

Back in April of 2016, my videographer friend Shane and I met with the plan to create a music video for Mother’s Day. We didn’t have funds but we decided to use what we had. And we never imagined that this would give birth to the vision of Give Glory 2 Him! Later that same year, the doors opened for us to start a non-profit corporation, enabling us to serve more.

After our first video, many people from around the world started writing to us expressing what this production meant to them and asking us to do more. This encouraged us to produce new videos and to start dreaming bigger. Our next desire was to start two inspirational episode series with beautiful music and stunning nature scenes. With very few resources, this seemed an impossible dream to accomplish but during these last months, God has faithfully provided and we have been able to film ten videos in US and internationally with different groups. Five of these ten videos have already been released and can be seen at:

We often find dedicated and talented young people saying, “We want to be part of this vision!.” We are privileged to be collaborating with graphic designers, audio engineers, musicians, singers, and other talent from over 5 different countries!

After seeing the need for fresh and new music, we decided to embark in the project of composing original songs for an entire album called Perfect Peace. Last month, we were able to finish it after working hundreds of hours and overcoming many challenges. This is an album that can bless you and can be a wonderful music gift to share with friends to reduce stress, inspire, and refresh. Subscribe to our newsletters and updates, download or buy music NOW at:

Till now, every step in Give Glory 2 Him Productions has been achieved with a lot of personal sacrifice, many volunteers, and hard work, but for us, the reward of making a difference and giving people hope is greater than all that we could give. We invite you to join us with your prayers and financial support, becoming part of this vision and worldwide family, so that together, we can bring hope and relief to suffering humanity. Let’s continue to be faithful remembering to give glory to Him!

Sincerely in Christ,

Christian Paúl

Upcoming Projects

  • Produce an instrumental album of string quartet and violin solos: $7,000

  • Finish editing our remaining 5-filmed videos and produce a DVD: $1,500/video

  • We strive to improve in everything we do, so we would like to acquire a digital composing keyboard and software that would allow us to create beautiful orchestrated music for our productions: $2,900

Future Vision

We have nothing to fear for the future as long as we don’t forget how God has provided and led us in the past. So our vision for the future is to produce new series, involve more talent, and relieve more suffering.

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