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Be Still 

Violin Solos 

It is easy to get caught up in the rush and stress of life, but it’s not as easy to unwind and find moments of stillness and quietude. Be Still – Violin Solos helps you to rise above the storm clouds of life that often want to trouble your heart.


Be filled with serenity and hope by the beautiful instrumental arrangements in this album performed by Christian Paul (violin) and Mihaela Williams (piano).

About the Artists

Christian Paúl

is a violinist and songwriter. His love for God and music has taken him to share in live concerts internationally. He was born in California, lived for several years in Argentina, Austria, and now lives again in the USA. He fell in love with the violin at the tender age of three years old when he moved to  

Original compositions, strings, vocals and inspiration for the soul

Argentina and met his German grandfather (a violin professor and concert player). Years later this grandfather would give Christian his first three months of violin lessons on a borrowed instrument. Afterward, he relocated and needed to travel 10 hours to take lessons with the nearest teacher.


Christian’s dream was to become a violinist in the classical world, but in 2009 he gave his life entirely to God and decided that he wanted something more than merely performing for the sake of art; he wanted to touch and change people’s lives for the better. This quest led him to further studies in the United States and Austria. During his time as a missionary in Austria, he wrote a song for a youth event where he would speak. After seeing this song readily received and getting requests for more music like this, he became inspired to continue composing new songs. Christian with his college friend, Shane Smith, later founded GIVE GLORY 2 HIM Productions. They have already recorded three albums and produced several music videos.     


People have described Christian’s music as full of emotion and coming straight from the heart; one of his favorite mottos is from Beethoven who said: “to play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion, is inexcusable.” Christian believes that all good gifts come from above and his burden is to point people to Jesus through his music. 

Mihaela Williams

was born in Bucharest, Romania, where she began studying music at the age of 5 years. Her grandfather introduced her to the piano and her parents encouraged her to sing. Mihaela attended schools geared for music from kindergarten through high school.


After graduating high school, she entered the Music Conservatory in Bucharest, Romania, in

"Pianist and arranger at Give Glory 2 Him: Crafting divine harmonies and arrangements, bringing joy through inspirational mus

the music composition class. She studied there for two years, after which she and her family moved to the United States. Here, Mihaela attended the University of Southern California, and after two and a half years, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music composition.


Presently, she works as a piano teacher, composer, and pianist. She desires to bring, through the music that God has inspired her to compose or play, a time of peaceful contemplation of heavenly realities and adoration of God.


Mihaela plays a key role in GG2H Productions by bringing her creative art in composition, music arrangement, and piano playing to write our choir arrangements, transcribe the sheet music to our original compositions, record piano music, and arrange and compose for the different music we produce. She always works in a very efficient and organized manner and believes in performing music in such a way that each note can express and communicate to the listener. Throughout this album, you can enjoy Mihaela's piano playing and arranging as she contributed with her beautiful talent in almost all of the songs included in this production.     

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