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Our Team and Contributors

GIVE GLORY 2 HIM Productions strives to provide a platform where a broad diversity of talents can be empowered and developed. Our ongoing goal is to discover passionate people with fresh and unique talents and give them an opportunity to share them with the world. If we can impact and encourage even one person to use and develop their talent to uplift humanity and give glory to God, it is enough for us, for we know that the ripple effect goes farther than we can measure.          

Christian Paúl

Composer, Violinist, Singer

Shane Smith

Producer, Videographer, Photographer

Alyona Vlasova

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Mihaela Williams

Piano Teacher, Composer, Pianist

Xavier Equiano

Xavier Equiano

Xavier Equiano

Audio Engineer, Musician, Producer
Editor, Videographer

Jackson Cole

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