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Non-Profit Corporation

NAME:    Hive | hīv | A place where people are busily occupied. / bond | bänd | A force or feeling that unites people, a common emotion or interest.

“Relieving suffering by supporting worthy causes.”

We seek to use art to create awareness of the underprivileged and support humanitarian causes. Hivebond has become an affiliate with International Children’s Care (ICC). To find out more information from the work of ICC, click here:

Give Glory 2 Him Productions is under a non-profit corporation umbrella named Hivebond. Hivebond’s mission is “to inspire, empower, and serve our world one person at a time.” Hivebond seeks to fulfill and grow this mission by the three branches that it supports.


instrumental music, music videos, strings, inspirational

 “Producing inspirational media to refresh the soul and glorify God”

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Music talent, finding talent, world talent

“Encouraging young people to inspire, serve, and make a difference.”   

We seek every opportunity to discover young talent and give them mentorship and a platform to develop their skills, passions, and talents for the uplifting of humanity. We already have had the privilege of working with audio engineers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, artists, singers, musicians and other talent from over 5 different countries. 

Support the needy and orphans, Compassionate music
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HIVEBOND Non-Profit Corporation / Public Charity Status: 509 (a) (2) /  DLN: 17053047362027 

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