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video editor, creative art

Jackson Cole

Born in Oregon, USA, Jackson grew up in northern California. At the age of 2 he had a dramatic accident where he drowned in a pond. His survival is nothing short of a miracle, as the doctor that attended his case testified. To read this story click here


Jackson grew up as a healthy young boy and started developing a fascination for technology very early in life. When he was only 6 years old, he started dreaming about developing software, and at the tender age of 8 he started showing his talent with technology by editing videos in iMovie. At the age of 9 Jackson started editing with Final Cut Pro.


Between the ages of 13-15 Jackson became the producer for a documentary his father directed studying a colony of beavers that work every day of the week except Saturday. “It was a fun project that taught me organization,” Jackson says as he looks back. As a thank you his father bought him an iMac computer which he uses to further develop his skills and talents.


Jackson is self-taught in the majority of the skills and hobbies he has. What he enjoys most is editing and shooting on location, but he also does app development and plans to build a computer in the future. “My desire and goal is to always inspire other people with the videos and productions I do!” he says. 

Jackson Cole has joined our team and is putting his passion and skills in editing to edit our music videos. Jackson’s desire and vision is to always get better and improve in all that he does. 

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