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Christian, composer of original compositions and violinist with a vision to inspire the world with music
Christian recording the "peaceful mind series" albums
Two friends, one vision, creating music to uplift the soul
Working on music projects with engineer in Austria

Christian Paúl is one of the founders of Give Glory 2 Him Productions and he works as composer, violinist and promoter of GG2H vision and mission. His passion is to inspire and encourage everyone to use their God-given talents for His glory alone. Christian has a deep and sweet song writing style that captures the moment, highlights the message and uplifts the hearers. He believes in dedication and teamwork. He is the main violinist for the music videos and performed as lead male singer in the album Perfect Peace. He is very encouraged by, and finds his joy in, seeing others like him find their life’s purpose serving God with their talents. 

Christian Paúl

Born in California, Christian was raised overseas in a missionary family. In South America, he met his German grandfather who played the violin, and he immediately fell in love with it, even though he was only three years old. For many years, he would only dream about playing the violin until he got a chance to borrow an old violin and started lessons before turning 14.


Christian’s grandfather gave him his first three months of lessons, and soon they were playing duets together. Later, Christian moved again and had to travel 10 hours to take lessons with the nearest teacher. Every day, he practiced diligently for several hours. Christian was thrilled with the idea of being closer to his dream of becoming a violinist!


In 2009, Christian gave his life completely to God and decided he wanted more than to perform simply to entertain or impress people: he wanted to touch and change people’s lives for the better. This journey would lead him to further studies in North America and then to do an internship in Austria.


In 2013, while serving as a missionary in Austria, Christian rekindled his passion for music and started composing—a life-long dream he’d had! There, he composed the melody to the song “Higher Than Your Thoughts,” and after meeting Simone, asked for her help. After working on this song, they composed several other songs! Thousands of people have experienced the inspiring and soothing effect of these compositions and have asked for more!  

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