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Inspiring videographer
Christian and Shane producing inspiring music videos
South Africa singers
Perfect Peace song

Shane Smith is one of the founders of Give Glory 2 Him and works as director of productions, using his creative and artistic talent to capture scenes in a striking beauty, making a visual experience from each of these productions. He also inspires and mentors others young videographers and producers in his field. Shane has been active in developing and promoting the vision of Give Glory 2 Him Productions to become a platform that involves a variety of talents that can be shared with the world. One of his motto words when producing is “inspiration,” and he always thrives to inspire and bless those who will view his productions.

Shane Smith

Born in Connecticut, Shane was always fascinated by technology; he grew up watching his father edit videos and work for the local news station. For years, Shane played around with his dad’s cameras in the house and made home movies. He soon fell in love with video work and decided to go to college for further training in it.


In 2011, Shane and Christian met in Tennessee, never imagining one day they would end up working together, combining their dreams in production. Christian invited Shane to study media in the college he was attending, and there they became good friends. Shane’s passion for film production grew more and more as he learned. He decided to produce a music video called “Deep River,” and he learned a lot from that experience. He went on to do other productions, such as ads, concerts, weddings, promotional videos, etc., but his heart burned for inspirational music production. When Christian saw Shane’s music video, he was very impressed by his ability to lm in such an artistic way, and he started to dream about working with Shane in the future.

Years passed until one day, Christian and his dad asked Shane if he wanted to work on a music video for Mother’s Day. Thrilled with the idea, Shane said yes, and that’s when the vision of Give Glory 2 Him was born. Since then, others have been joining the team and vision, and they have been hard at work to come out with content that brightens lives from continent to continent.


One thing Shane enjoys about production is that he gets the opportunity to work with like-minded people around the world. “The goal is to work with artists from all over the world and inspire them to use the gifts God blessed them with, whether it’s in video or audio production, composing, design, playing music, singing, or other talents and skills,” Shane says. 

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