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Whether you are having a stressful day, going through a difficult situation, or simply need something to uplift you, inspirational music is an effective way to brighten your day with hope. Inspiration Strings allows you to bring inspiration with you wherever you are. Enjoy a beautiful selection of string quartet, duets, and solo arrangements included in this album and performed by four passionate musicians and college friends.



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  • Genre: Inspirational / Instrumental / Vocal
  • Includes 12-page full-color booklet


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About the Artists


Henry Higgins (Cello & Piano) comes from Australia. He has a gift for learning to play instruments, and has learned to play more than ten of them.


Matthew Farley (Viola) comes from Maine, and studied in a Canadian music academy, in which he developed his musical gifts in singing and playing viola, as well as guitar and piano.


Natasha Towns (2ndViolin) comes from California, where she developed her musical talents and passion for the violin and singing.


Christian Paul (1stviolin) was born in California and raised in South America, and dreamed of playing violin from a young age. One of his happiest pastimes is sharing music with others.

Physical Album- Inspiration Strings

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