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Dating back to ancient times—from Israel’s King Saul all the way to Greek culture—music has been used as therapy to soothe and elevate the mind.


Modern research has revealed the therapeutic health benefits of uplifting, balanced, and harmonious music to optimize brain function, enhance mental health and thinking ability, reduce anxiety, fatigue, depression, and mood disturbances, and increase relaxation, as well as other health benefits!


The PEACEFUL MIND Series is designed to relax, refresh, inspire, uplift, and soothe the mind. Listen to it while driving, studying, at work, or whenever you are in need of inspiration and refreshment. 






  • Perfect Peace has 13 instrumental and vocal songs plus 8 bonus playback tracks. Enjoy these refreshing original songs composed by Christian Paul and accompanied by Simone Schuch.


  • Be Still – Violin Solos is a soothing instrumental album performed passionately by Christian Paul (violin & orchestration) and Mihaela Williams (piano).


  • Inspiration Strings is an uplifting instrumental album including string quartet and piano, duets, and solos pieces. Performed by 4 college friends Henry Higgins (Cello), Matthew Farley (Viola), Natasha Towns (2nd Violin), Christian Paul (1st violin).


Peaceful Mind Series

$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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