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Simone Schuch brings her passion for music in her delicate piano playing, creative song arranging and writing and her sweet voice for singing, to assist with the compositions and music that GG2H produces. She performed as lead pianist and female singer in the album Perfect Peace.

Simone Schuch

Born in Austria, Simone started developing a love for music before she could even walk! As her mom sang lullabies, she recalls seeing her daughter’s blue eyes get big as she seemed to enjoy every note! At three months of life, Simone was already joining her mom humming melodies, and as a little girl, she loved to sing harmony with her grandparents. At the age of nine, she began piano lessons, and when she was 21, she entered the conservatory of Vienna to study dance, singing, and acting.


For the first time back in 2014, Simone used her talent of playing piano to create an accompaniment to a song that her sister had composed for her during a very hard time. “It is amazing how God used this difficult time to reveal to me a gift I didn’t know I had!” Simone recalls.


That same year, Simone was attending a missionary training program where new opportunities were presented to further develop her talent of arranging and composing. The first opportunity came when a friend requested her help in preparing a song she’d composed to sing at an event.


At this event, Christian Paúl (one of the founders of GG2H)
heard the arrangement and was very impressed with Simone’s composing talent.


Christian had been composing a few melodies of his own and asked Simone to help him with a song he wanted to dedicate for a youth event where he would be speaking. After this event, Simone helped Christian compose piano accompaniments and duets for over twelve new songs presented in this album!


As audiences hear Simone’s piano compositions, they express how these arrangements go straight into the heart, filling it with peace. Simone has discovered the fulfillment and joy of using her passion for music to bless and uplift people! 

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